Green Star Homes will work with you to ensure you understand the process and timeline to renovate or custom build your Kelowna home. During the construction you will work directly with the partners who will guide you on making the decisions necessary to achieve your goals, stay on budget and complete the job on time.

Our Process

Custom home construction process:

– We analyze lot for any potential issues or additional costs

– We review architectural drawings and advise on recommended changes

– We provide your custom build quotation, timeline to complete and agreement to build

– With a signed agreement we check on civil depths and utility connections

– We obtain all required permits and warrantees

– We prepare site the for construction

– We assist with all interior option selections providing our top supplier choices and advice.

– We build the home according to the architectural plans, the interior option selections and complete the landscaping

– During the build we will meet with you weekly (or as needed) to ensure your satisfaction and complete any change orders as required.

– We provide a full tutorial on mechanical, electrical, appliances, irrigation, keyless entries, garage door openers etc.

– We conduct the walk through and possession of the home to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Renovation process

– Analyze the renovation for any potential issues or additional costs

– Review drawings (if any) and advise on recommended changes

– provide custom renovation quotation, timeline to complete and agreement to renovate

– With signed agreement we obtain all required permits and warrantees

– Prepare site for construction

– Remove renovation waste

– Assist with any interior option selections

– Provide a renovation completion agreement to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Green Star Homes offers an “On Time Guarantee” for all our custom built homes. In the event we are unable to compete your home by the guaranteed time we will reduce the cost of your home by $1500- $2500 for every week we are late. Meaning if we deliver two weeks late your home cost will be reduced by a minimum $3000. The credit value is based on your homes price and some conditions do apply such as “Acts of god”, change orders you request that require additional time and/or interior options you have selected that are on back order or unavailable causing delays.

Renovation Timelines

– All renovations will be provided with an estimated timeline given their customized nature and inability to often not know what is in behind your current walls etc.

Custom home build timeline

A typical custom home build will take 4-5 months. The following provides approximate timelines and the order of how a new custom 2500 sq/ft home will progress (some items can be completed at the same time):

– Lot selection: Typically 1-3 weeks however this can take much longer depending on your criteria

– Architectural drawings: up to 3 weeks

– Permits, applications and approvals: 1.5 to 4 weeks

– Site prep: 1-4 weeks

– Foundation: 1-2 weeks

– Back fill service: 1 week

– Framing to lock up: 3-4 weeks

– Mechanical / Plumbing / Heating /Electrical – 3 weeks

– Drywall: 2-3 weeks

– Finishing Carpentry & Millwork: 1-2 weeks

– Flooring: 1 week

– Landscaping and cleaning: 2 weeks