Minimum Green Star Homes Standards

At Green Star Homes we renovate and build every home knowing you and your family will be residing in it. We care about our clients health and happiness and building homes that use less energy which in turn protects our planet.  For these reasons we use the following minimum standards in our construction to ensure your home is healthy, safe and energy efficient.

1) 2 x 8 exterior engineered wall construction – delivers a net RSI 4.15 exceeding the Building Code by 30%.

Why we do it – Increased energy efficiency lowering the heating / cooling costs of a home and removes the need for a Heat Recover Unit (HRV)

What a typical competitor does – most competitors use a 2 x 6 thinner exterior wall which decreases energy efficiency, increases heating / cooling costs and requires the home to have an HRV to meet code at a typical additional cost of $4250 plus operating and replacement cost.

2) High performance windows & doors installed professionally -What many people don’t take into consideration is that the installation of your window is just as important as its quality. Our professional and proven installation method includes caulking the flange on three sides, blue skin on the bottom and papering the sides. There are a variety of option on the quality of the windows we offer, however, all windows we offer are a minimum double pane, argon filled with low-E glass.

Why we do it – Windows account for the highest energy loss in a home and as such we use a proven professional installation with a minimum higher quality window. Properly installed high quality windows will prevent heat loss, heat gain, drafts, keep your energy costs lower and will protect your furniture and flooring against the suns harmful rays.

What a typical competitor does – A builder grade window does not include Low-E Glass or argon gas. Installation often does not include caulking on three sides which means the window are less energy efficient and may cause drafts.

3) R50 attic insulation with adequate roof ventilation and solar attic fans on straight gable roofs

Why we do it – Keeps attics cool which lowers energy costs in the summer and protects the shingles from heating on the underside which causes curling.

What a typical competitor does – Some do not vent which can cause shingles to curl over time.

4) Stronger foundations – 24” wide concrete footings and engineered concrete walls both with 3 rows of 15 mil rebar

Why we do it – provides your home with structural benefits and stability

What a typical competitor does – 16″ footings with 2 rows of 10 mil rebar

5) Rebar in concrete slabs and exterior slabs

Why we do it – No cracks and structurally re-enforces the home

What a typical competitor does – most competitors do not add rebar to the concrete slabs and exterior slabs which means a weaker structure and potential cracking.

6) Engineered floor joist systems using 14” deep floor joists and ¾” T&G fir plywood glued and screwed to minimize potential floor squeaks.

Why we do it – minimizes floor squeaks

What a typical competitor does – some simply nail the plywood and overtime the nails can pull up causing irritable noises like squeaking.

7) Roof – minimum 40yr asphalt shingles with Roof protective coating

Why we do it – protective coating seals, waterproofs, extends life, provides heat reflection during summer and reduces cold absorbance during winter.

What a typical competitor does – 30 year asphalt shingles without protective coating

8) Solar tubes with diming option in dining, living, hallways and bathrooms (vented in bathrooms), and bedrooms (diming in bedrooms)

Why we do it – adds beautiful natural light to a home and lowers energy costs. learn more at

What a typical competitor does – Competitors may or may not suggest this product.

9) Superior durable home drainage with perforated 4” PVC pipe for weeping tile and solid 4” PVC pipe for rainwater leaders.

Why we do it -Pipes won’t crush, become blocked or fall apart over time. Also very easy to clean out.

What a typical competitor does – Most competitors us splash pads (concrete pads on dirt) or worse don’t even provide splash pads. In the winter these can put ice onto walking surfaces.

10) High Efficiency Furnace with Hepa air purifier built in

Why we do it – a high efficiency furnace is critical for home’s energy savings and it’s a fact that new homes typically have allot of off gassing from cabinetry, paint, flooring etc. Having an air purifier ensures your families air safety and comfort.

What a typical competitor does – builder grade high efficiency furnace without air purifier.

11) Hot Water On Demand

Why we do it – Ensures you never run out of hot water and lowers your energy costs.

What a typical competitor does – builder grade hot water tank which increases energy costs and may mean you, your family and/or guests run out of hot water.

12) Base Paint – Zero VOC, low-odor, silica-free, that resists mildew with anti-microbial properties

Why we do it – improves your home’s air quality and comfort

What a typical competitor does – unknown.

13) Deck and any overhang are secured to the home’s foundation – Footings on foundations extend out to pick up pilings for deck and any house extensions so they act with the house as opposed to independently.

Why we do it – avoids heaving (independent movement) and keeps the deck and extensions straight.

What a typical competitor does – 30 x 30 concrete pad which acts independently to the home which means a higher likelihood of movement and potential issues with heaving.

14) Final CleanYour home will be cleaned professionally by a company that uses chemical free solvents.

Why we do it – Your home will be spotless without the use of harsh chemicals used in the cleaning process which means healthier air when you and your family move in

What a typical competitor does – Unknown.